This trio from Ghent is a collaborative project between creative masterminds Reinhard Vanbergen from Das PopMo Disko from the renowned DJ duo The Glimmers and Charlotte Caluwaerts from Tundra. Reinhard Vanbergen is a household name in Belgium’s music scene as a producer, multi-instrumentalist as well as a mixer and arranger. Mo Disko +30 years DJ career and outstanding nose for quality trakcs flourished into compilations as ‘The Glimmers’ for R&S Records, Eskimo Recordings, DJ Kicks, Fabric and Blue Note Records. Charlotte Caluwaerts luscious and versatile vocals have already pleasured the ears of many. She is also a frequently asked songwriter for artists in Belgium and abroad.

Aside from their thriving careers as producer, DJ and songwriter, they have formed this new group out of their shared love for long, psychedelic tracks that still are songs.

Live they transform into a groove quintet qccompanied by Stephane Misseghers (dEUS, Disko Drunkards) on drums and Bruno Coussee (MannGold) on Bass.